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M52 and the Bubble Nebula
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M52 and the Bubble Nebula
Near Lindbrook, Alberta
L:9x3m RGB:9x4m Ha:9x8m Total: 3hr 27m
NP101is, STF-8300M, A80Mf, LSX2, EQ8
M52 is an open cluster found in the constellation Cassiopeia. The Bubble Nebula (NGC7635) is nearby and watches over the cluster.

This is my first LRGB image with blended in narrowband data. In the RGB data, the cluster and stars are quite visible and properly colored but the nebula is almost invisible. Some of the nebula shows up in the luminence and a bit also appears in the red channel but the vast majority of the nebula is only visible through Ha filter.

This is also the first usable image where I used the field flattener on the NP101is. It did a very good job of correcting oddly shape stars in the corners and the edges.

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