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M33 - Triangulum Galaxy
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M33 - Triangulum Galaxy
Near Lindbrook, Alberta, Canada
RGB 15x4m, 3hr total
SGP, MaximDL, Corel
Imaging: CFF132, STF-8300M, GM1000
Guider:A80Mf, GSO2X Barlow, LodeStar X2, 610nm Flt
The Triangulum Galaxy is a spiral galaxy that is also sometimes known as the Pinwheel or Triangulum Pinwheel.

This is my second attempt at M33 and is one of the first images I've taken with the CFF 132 refractor.

My prior attempt on this galaxy is the NP101 version below. It was taken with a D90 DSLR and you can get the full image from the link below.

As it often happens, once again there was not enough time to get a really good image. This one has only three hours of exposure time. It is only a half-night's worth of data and then the clouds rolled so I had to shut it down.

And after the clouds showed up, rain was predicted. So I had to pack up the rig and take it home.

Still, the picture turned out too bad all things considered. The galaxy of course, clearly shows up. And the color is quite a bit better than the color in the original below. So the above is in fact currently the best M33 picture I've taken so far.

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