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M81 and M82
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M81 and M82
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
LRGB 5x4min, total 80min
SGP, MaximDL, Corel
EQ8, MN190, STF-8300M, A80Mf, TV 2x Barlow, LSX2
M81 and M82 are two fairly bright galaxies in the Ursa Major constellation.

These two galaxies are close enough that you can observe both at the same time with almost any telescope.

Wide Image - To see both galaxies, you may need to use the scroll bar located above the Zoom buttons.

Tbis image is a two part mosaic taken with an MN190 telescope. After final cropping the image ended up being quite wide. In the smaller versions I've trimmed off most of the excess but I left everything in the full size version above. The full size version should scale well to a typical widescreen once I get around to making it into wallpaper. But if you're using a narrow window or phone screen, you might not be able to see both galaxies. If so, use the scroll bar located above the zoom and back-to buttons to move the image right and left.

M82 (on the left) photographs very well, even from the city. The Mak-Newt did a good job and picked up more detail than I expected. I also took some Ha images but they were not long enough exposures to affect the complete image so I left them out of the final version. The M81 galaxy, the spiral on the right, did not photograph quite so nicely as M82. The blue didn't really come through and not a lot of detail is available in the spiral arms. But still, for an image taken from an urban backyard, lets just say that I've done a lot worse.

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