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NGC 5906 - Splinter Galaxy
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NGC 5906 - Splinter Galaxy
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
L 30x2m + RGB 30x4m, total 7 hr
SGP, MaximDL, Corel
Imaging: MN190, STF8300M, EQ8
Guiding: GSO 6.6N + 2X Barlow
Guiding (2nd night): Vixen A80Mf + 2X Barlow
The Splinter Galaxiy is located in the constellation Draco.

This one was taken with the MN190 from the back yard. A dark site would have been better. Still though, this ones not too bad for an image taken from the city. Maybe one day I'll have another go at it from a better location.

This is listed here as NGC 5906 but I have also seen it listed as NGC 5907.

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