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Deer Lick Group and Stephen
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Deer Lick Group and Stephen's Quintet
Near Lindbrook, Alberta, Canada
RGB 22x4m, 4hr 24m total
SGP, MaximDL, Corel
Imaging: CFF132, STF-8300M, GM1000
Guider:A80Mf, GSO2X Barlow, LodeStar X2, 610nm Flt
This image shows the Deer Lick Group as well as Stephen's Quintet. The Deer Lick Group includes NGC 7331, the largest and brightest looking galaxy in this image. The rest of the group is mostly located above and to the right of NGC 7331.

The galaxies in Stephen's Quintet barely showed up in this image. They are the small cluster of galaxies in the lower left side.

This picture certainly needs more exposure time. Currently there is almost 4 and a half hours in it and the dimmer, smaller galaxies are just beginning to show up.

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