IC 417 - Emission Nebula in Auriga
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IC 417 - Emission Nebula in Auriga
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
RGB+Ha, 17hr 27.5m total
SGB, MaximDL, Corel
Imaging: CFF132, STF-8300M, GM1000
Guider:A80Mf, GSO2X Barlow, LodeStar X2, 610nm Flt
IC 417 - Emission Nebula in Auriga
This image took over 17 hours of integration time. Even so, the fainter parts are hardly visible. The image was taken from the city and the faintest parts of the nebula are barely discernable against the light pollution. It took quite a few hours to get this much showing and one might be tempted to put in even more time. But a better solution would probably be a dark site.
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