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M76 - Little Dumbell Nebula
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M76 - Little Dumbell Nebula
Near Lindbrook, Alberta, Canada
RGB 10x4m , 120m total
SGP, MaximDL, Corel
Imaging: CFF132, STF-8300M, GM1000
Guider:A80Mf, GSO2X Barlow, LodeStar X2, 610nm Flt
M76 is a planatary nebula located in the constellation Perseus. It is called the Little Dumbbell because of its similarity to the Dumbbell Nebula found in the Vulpecula constellation.

This was the first dark site image I've taken with the CFF 132 refractor. There was some cloud that night and a number of exposures were lost. But there was still enough data to get a passable image of the nebula.

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