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NGC 6960 - Veil Nebula
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NGC 6960 - Veil Nebula
Edmonton, Alberta
Ha,SII 6x600s OIII 4x600s, total 2hr 40min
NP101is, STF-8300M, A80Mf, LSX2, EQ8
The Veil Nebula is a supernove remmnant found in the constellation Cygnus. The birght star in the foreground is not part of the nebula, but makes for a striking image

This is my first tri-color narrowband image. The image is made up of 10 minute sub-frames taken with Ha, OIII and SII filters. The resulting images were mapped to red, blue and green respectively. The unprocessed image is pretty low quality and took a fair bit of clean up just to get it to this point.

Longer sub-frame exposure times would have probably helped. Subsequent testing on other targets showed that the sub-frames exposures should to be 20 minutes or more for a good sample of the narrowband wavelengths.

It also didn't help that the image was taken from the city under a full moon. Although the narrowband filters help, they can only do so much. However, this image does demonstrate that the techinque works and it looks like fairly good detail can be obtained with a few tweaks and a little less moonlight.

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