M13 - Hercules Cluster
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M13 - Hercules Cluster
Kootenay Plains, Alberta, Canada
Exposures: ISO400, 4x20s, total 80sec
Processing: CCP2,DSS,CPT
Telescope: NP101is, NEQ6, D90
M13 is large, bright globular cluster found in the Hercules constellation.
This is one of my earliest dark site images. It was taken at a very dark site, the Kootney Plains campsite on the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

The D90 DSLR has a strong blue response and it shows in this image.

Images of M13 - The Hercules Cluster
M13 imaged with an NP101is refractor and a D90 DSLR camera
NP101is, DSLR
M13 imaged with an 11" EdgeHD SCT and a Nightscape 8300 camera
11" EdgeHD, OSC
M13 imaged with an NP101is refractor and an STF-8300M camera
NP101is, LRGB
M13 imaged with an MN190 Maksutov-Newtonian reflector and an STF-8300M camera
M13 imaged with a CFF 132 refractor and an STF-8300M camera
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