M52 - Cluster in Cassiopeia
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M52 - Cluster in Cassiopeia
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
ISO400 4x20s, ISO800 1x20s, total 100s
C8, CG5, D90
M52 is an open cluster in the constellation Cassiopeia
This image was taken with a C8 and a D90 DSLR. The mount was my first ever, a CG-5 and there was no guider. The exposures are very short, only 20 seconds each. And there weren't very many either, only five in total. It all added up to a little over a minutes worth of integration time.

The stars are not too bad in the center but the suffer out near the edges. That's because the C8 does not have a perfectly flat field. Its curved a bit and it causes oddball star shapes in the corners. To fix the stars at the edge, a field corrector lens is required.

The star colors are pretty much non-existant too. Not really sure why that happened but it did. Probably too little exposure time and too much stretching.

But otherwise, it's actually not a bad photo considering the gear used and my complete lack of experience at that point. One thing I learned from this and other similar photos is that star clusters can be successfully photographed from city under a bad light pollution dome.

Most, if not all of the stars in this picture that are competely invisible to the naked eye from my back yard. Even binoculars only show a few of them. A big telescope will show lots more but only on the best nights under no moon. But the camera picks them up no problem at all. And with the right technique and good gear, it does a pretty good job of it too.

M52 and the Bubble Nebula
M52 - Open Cluster in Cassiopeia. Taken with a C8 SCT and a D90 DSLR camera.
M52 Open Cluster
M52 and the Bubble Nebula. RGB image taken with an NP101is refractor and an STF8300M CCD camera.
M52 and the Bubble Nebula
NGC 7635 - Bubble Nebula. Monochrome hydrogen-alpha image taken with a CFF 132 refractor and an STF-8300M CCD camera.
Bubble Nebula in Ha
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