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M57 - The Ring Nebula
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M57 - The Ring Nebula
Edmonton, Alberta
LRGB 4x240s each, total 64min
MN190, STF-8300M, A80Mf, LSX2, EQ8
The Ring Nebula is a planetary nebula location in the constellation Lyra.

The nebula is a cloud of glowing gas and is the leftover debris of an exploded star. The nebula is actually a bubble, but only along the edges is it thick enough for use to see. This causes the bubble to appear as a ring in space when we look at it. The star in the very center of the nebula is the remaining core of the original star that exploded.

This is one of the first images I've taken with the SFT-8300M camera and the MN190 Maksutov-Newtonian Telescope. The image was taken from my usual testing spot in the back yard. The Ring Nebula is one of my favorite test targets. Its bright, easy to find and overhead for a good part of the year. It also looks really nice.

Photos of M57

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