M92 - Cluster in Hercules
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M92 - Cluster in Hercules
North of Beaumont, Alberta, Canada
ISO1600 3x20s, ISO1000 2x20s, total 100s
M92 is a globular cluster found in the constellation Hercules.
This is a bright cluster and is also known as NGC6341. It can easily be seen even with a small telescope.

This is one of my earliest astrophotos. It is an unguided image taken with my very first telescope, a Celestron C8 SCT on a CG5 mount. A Nikon D90 DSLR camara was used capture the image and since there was no guiding, the exposure times were very short.

The LRGB version shown below was done with a guider. It used more frames and longer exposure times. The difference between the two photos is significant and is a good comparison since both were taken from the same spot and under similar conditions.

Images of M92 - Globular Cluster in Hercules
M92 - Globular Cluster in Hercules. Taken with a C8 SCT telescope and a D90 DSLR camera
M92 - Globular Cluster in Hercules. Taken with a CFF 132 refractor telescope and an STF-8300M camera
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