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NGC 281 - PacMan Nebula
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NGC 281 - PacMan Nebula
Near Lindbrook, Alberta
OSC, 41 x 300s, total 3hrs 25min
NP101is, NEQ6, NS8300, LE80, SSAG
The Pacman Nebula is an emission nebula found in the Cassiopeia constellation. The shape of the nebula gives rise to its name.

This image was taken with the OSC (one-shot-color) CCD camera I used for a short time. I really liked the camera but decided that it would be even better if it were monochrome and had filters. So, shortly after this image was taken, I did obtain a mono CCD with filters.

Below is a different version of this nebula done with that camera and a Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha) filter. The filter really brings out the glowing red gas hydrogen that makes up the bulk of the nebula.

But the above image, being strictly in optical light, is closer to what the human eye would see.

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