NGC 6946 - Fireworks Galaxy
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NGC 6946 - Fireworks Galaxy
Blackfoot Staging Area, Alberta, Canada
ISO800 21x4m, total 1hr 24m
E11, NEQ6, 60Da
The Fireworks Galaxy is a spiral galaxy located in the constellations Cephus and Cygnus.

This is the first galaxy image I took with my 11 inch EdgeHD SCT.

This is one of the worst galaxy image on this website. As mentioned above it was the first galaxy photo I took with this particular scope and as such it suffers badly from my inexperience.

First, the stars aren't even close to being round. And the whole image is either too black or too gritty. The galaxy has more processing artifacts than details. And the list goes on. I've since learned that most of the the faults in this image were caused by poor tracking, too few exposures and poor processing techniques, all of which I've now either solved or miminized down to an acceptable level.

But in spite of all the flaws, this image does actually show the galaxy. It brings out the spiral arms, the core is not too bad and it gives you a general idea as to the color, brigthness and shape of the object. So it stays on the site until I do a better one. I also think there is a lesson to be learned here as well. But other than perhaps "you can do better" I'm not really sure what the lesson is.

NGC 6946 - Fireworks Galaxy Images
Fireworks Galaxy imaged with an 11" EdgeHD SCT
Edge Version
Fireworks Galaxy imaged with an NP101is refractor
NP101is Version
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