Double Cluster (NGC 869 and 884)
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Double Cluster (NGC 869 and 884)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
RGB 18x5m, 4hr 30m total
Imaging: CFF132,STF-8300M,GM1000
Guider:ST80,GSO2X,LodeStar X2,f610nm
The Double Cluster is a pair of large and bright open clusters found in the constellation Perseus.
These two cluster is are visible to the naked eye as a bright patch in the Milky Way. They look spectacular in any scope and are favorites for visual observers. Even a small telescope can show these clusters very well and they are easily spotted in binoculars.

This image is a two panel mosiac taken with a CFF 132 refractor. The background darkness is not completely even between mosaic panels. But otherwise it came out not too bad. There are also some other pictures of these two clusters below.

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