Nu Coronae Borealis
Nu Coronae Borealis
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Nu Coronae Borealis
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Exposures: RGB 25/25/28 x 2m = 2h 36m
Processing: SGP,MaximDL,Gimp
Telescope: CFF132,STF-8300M,GM1000
Guider: LE80,LSX2,GSO2X
Nu1 and Nu2 Coronae Borealis are an optical pair of stars in the Corona Borealis constellation
These two stars are individual systems that appear close together in the field of view.

Nu1 1 CrB) is the orange colored star in the center of the image. Nu2 2 CrB) is the orange star lower and a bit to the left of ν1. When considered together, these stars are both called Nu Coronae Borealis.

ν1 is a variable star with a spectral type of M2III. ν2 is a high proper motion star which means it's moving through space faster than most other stars. It's spectral type is K5III.

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