Pi Pegasi
Pi Pegasi
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Pi Pegasi
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Exposures: RGB 65/65/65 x 2m = 6h 30m
Processing: SGP,MaximDL,Gimp
Telescope: CFF132,STF-8300M,GM1000
Guider: LE80,LSX2,GSO2X
Pi1 and Pi2 Pegasi are a pair of stars found in the Pegasus constellation. Together, they are known as Pi Pegasi.
The bright white star to the left is Pi2 Pegasi 2 Peg). This is a magnitude 4.29 star with the spectral type F5III. This is a yellow-white giant and is 76.8628 parsecs distant.

The bright yellow star to the right is Pi1 Pegasi 1 Peg). This is a magnitude 5.582 star with the spectral type G6III, making it a yellow giant.

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