California Nebula near HIP 18518
California Nebula near  HIP 18518
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California Nebula near HIP 18518
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Exposures: Hα 75 x 15m = 18h 45m
Processing: SGP, MaximDL, Gimp
Telescope: CFF132,STF-8300M,GM1000
Guider: LE80,LSX2,GSO2X
A portion of the California Nebula near the star HIP 18518 taken in H-alpha
The California Nebula is an emission nebula located in the Perseus constellation. This image is centered around the star HIP 18518, which is a magnitude 6.97 star with a high proper motion.

The image was taken through a monochrome hydrogen-alpha (Hα) filter. The data was collected over seven different nights during September and October 2020. It was done from my backyard in the city under varying moon conditions including full moon. The total integration time is 18 hours and 45 minutes.

The entire California Nebula is huge and it is far too large to fit in the field of view of the telescope used to take this image. This image shows about ten percent of the entire nebula and it depicts a section near the north-west corner.

Full resolution JPEG Image
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