Gamma Cassiopeiae
Gamma Cassiopeiae
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Gamma Cassiopeiae
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
ISO200, 3x4m, total 12m
NEQ6, E11, 0.7xFR, 60Da, COAG, SSAG
Gamma Cassiopeiae is the middle star in the constellation Cassiopeia.
The diffraction spikes on this image were introduced by placing a mask over the front of the Edge11. The mask was just some strings pulled across the face then held in place by the dew shield. This was a an experiment to see how much of a diffraction effect a simple bit of string would cause and if it made the images look any better or worse. Artistically, some may say better. Scientifically, probably worse. Personally, I like the spikes, they can make the stars appear to sparkle and can really add to an image if used appropriately.
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