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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
RGB 5x30s, 2.5m ea, 7.5min total
SGP, MaximDL, Corel
EQ8, MN190, STF-8300M, A80Mf, LSX2
Epsilon Cas, also known as Segin is a star in the Cassiopeia constellation.
Segin is the top-left star in the "W" formed by the Cassiopeia constellation.

This image was taken with an MN190 Maksutov-Newtonian telescope. Because of its design, Maksutov-Newtonian telescopes do not normally produce diffraction spikes (the bright lines coming off the star). Instead, star images from a Mak-Newt normally appear as perfectly round balls of light. And normally that’s what I want in my images.

But, sometimes diffraction spikes can add a lot to an image, particularly if the image is that of a bright star or cluster of stars. So, to get the spikes in this image, I made a simple spike-inducer by running two strings across the fromt of the scope.

Full resolution JPEG Image
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