30 Leonis Minoris
30 Leonis Minoris
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30 Leonis Minoris
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Exposures: RGB 24/26/28 x 2m = 2h 36m
Processing: SGP, MaximDL, Gimp
Telescope: CFF132,STF-8300M,GM1000
Guider: LE80,LSX2,GSO2X
30 Leonis Minoris is a white star in the Leo Minor constellation.

30 Leonis Minoris is a magnitude 4.718 star located in the Leo Minor constellation. 30 LMi is moderately bright and should still be visible from most locations. It is observed to be a white star with an unusual spectral type of F0VmF3/4.

30 Leonis Minors is listed in SIMBAD as being a "peculiar" star. This is due to the unusual chemistry of the star, which results in it's odd spectral type. This star was first noted in the 1911 publication "The radial velocities of twenty-six stars." (Jordan F. C.).

28 Leo Minoris - Giant star in Leo Minor

The bright orange star to the right of, and slightly below 30 Lmi is 28 Leonis Minoris. This is an oranged-hued giant star of spectral type K1III.

The star is moderately bright at magnitude 5.5 and is 146.5631 parsecs (478 light years) away.

Similar to 27 LMi shown below, 28 Leonis Minoris is also a suitable calibration star. "A catalog of bright calibrator stars for 200-m baseline near-infrared stellar interferometry. (2005, Merand A., Borde P. and Coude du Foresto V.)" includes this star along with 947 others that are useable for calibrating near-infrared interferometry equipment.

UU LMi and HD 90024 - Double Star

The orange pair in the upper right is UU Leonis Minoris (left) and HD 90024 (right). These two stars are a double star and are listed in the Washington Double Star catalog as WDS J10244+3411.

The SIMBAD database shows that UU LMi is a long period variable star with a spectral type of M6III. It is magnitude 7.03 and binoculars are necessary to view this star.

HD 90024 is a magnitude 7.08 K0 type star and is even less visible than UU LMi. As we can see from the image, these two stars shine with a similar orange hue and at a similar brightness.

Images of 27 and 30 Leonis Minoris
27 Leonis Minoris imaged with a CFF 132 refractor and an STF-8300M CCD camera
27 Leonis Minoris
30 Leonis Minoris imaged with a CFF 132 refractor and an STF-8300M CCD camera
30 Leonis Minoris
Combined mosiac image of 27, 28 and 30 Leonis Minoris
2 Panel Mosiac
Full resolution JPEG Image
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